Transmission regarding Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy…

How we love to hate
this mortal flesh
when it disappoints
and decays
And yet
all beauty is in the eye
of the believer
our very bodies
works of art
by our own inner sculptor


Every birth
every baby
heralds a new opportunity
for an incarnating soul
to face and transmute fear
Every aspect of that birth
of that chosen physical form
is a gift in all its wonder
and suffering

The primary fear that each living being faces
is that of destruction and death
for it is the counterpoint to the life
we have come here to seek
and in that seeking
forgetting our eternal natures
so that we may instead
focus upon the work at hand
of this material dream

And in our forgetting
we equate physical life with Love
and Love with survival
which only magnifies
and perpetuates our fear
The truth is that Love is eternal
and each expression of form
is the light of one candle
with the power to touch wick after wick
the flame never diminishing
but rather illuminating
until infinity is born

The blindness of birth into a body
is akin to a bird in a nest
eyes tightly shut
beak open wide
waiting for the gift of sustenance
from the Mother
not yet awake
not yet aware
of the power
of one’s own wings to fly
It is from this place of fear
that we walk
from this place of fear
that we sleep
from this place of fear
that we attempt
to think our way
out of our fear
with solutions and prescriptions
and the comforts of science
severed from intuitive knowing
and divine trust

It is also from this place of fear
that we blame the very bodies
with which we are blessed to walk
when the physical form reminds us
of the fear we hold on a level of heart and spirit
It is a human habit to hate
what makes us suffer
rather than surrender to our own
limitless power of choice

And truly if only it could be seen
and understood
just how much time and energy is wasted
in this fruitless self blame
like the man who weeps
and whips himself
for lack of water
even as he stands
upon the shore
of an infinite, pure lake

This demonizing of the Self
is the one curse of Man and Womankind
it is a spell that has been cast
and yet must be undone
It is woven into the governments
the hospitals and banks
the schools and the churches
It lives within marriages
medicine and music
it poisons the waters
and fouls the air
And thus the healing of it must become
the one focus of every meditation
every dream
every prayer

The pain of this Self hatred is so great
vast numbers cannot even recognize it
within themselves
for to look it in the eye
is to face the devil
and a darkness so great
it would seem to ultimately destroy
and so rather than give effort
to understanding the myriad ways
self loathing manifests
in experiences
and in the physical body itself
all attention is given to a greater and greater denial
whole industries built
upon various means

So if you ask what potential disease lives
in the breast of a woman
any woman
this cannot be answered
without a journey into her heart
and the fears she has carried forward
into this life
her own
those of her culture
and those of her mother
and her mother’s mother
for fear is so readily shared
even under the guise of love

The breast is the symbol of great blessing
the nourishment of all life
and complete comfort to the soul
The breast is a source of love without conditions
without end
for a mother loves her child
as Divine Spirit loves us all
When men identify the breast
as an erotic pleasure
it is their way of giving permission
for their masculinity
to be nurtured
through the hunger of the child
their gender holding them
in a stimulating
and contrasting reflection to the feminine
which may carry them even further
from unconditional love
And when women deny their breasts
whatever their appearance or nature
they deny their own infant terror
and their readiness to mother others in turn

This is the significance of medical and social fashions
wherein women have been led away
from their birthright to suckle their own young
This is the power of mass sexualization of the breast
a vivid measure of a hungry species
so far from the truth of unconditional love

And when breasts become poisoned
when the flesh of the breast forms a tumour
a solid mass of cells that multiply and threaten to kill
it is a cry
it is a scream of defiance
as the body attempts to protect itself
to say no
I reject this poisonous perception
and I will fight to the death
if I must

And of course when we poison our Great Mother
pour toxins into her veins
leak them into her organs
infuse them into her breath
these also will be reflected in the bodies of her children
for we have no choice
but to be one with our Earth

So look also to the sexual cancers of women and men
to the diseases of blood, skin and bone
to the failures of the physical heart
to the corruption of the gut
to the many broken spirits and minds
who have lost all faith in Love
and each time
you will be led back and back
to the question of self hatred and shame
and so we ask
can it ever be an answer
to take a knife
and cut away the flesh
in response to such profound
spiritual pain?

The removal of a body part in this way
is on an unconscious level no different
from the child who cannot make the toy work
and so he throws it upon the ground
and breaks it
stamps upon it
to make sure it will never function again
driven by rage
and ultimately fear that he is not deserving of joy
he blames what was once the object of his affection
and wants no one to have it
if it cannot be his
to claim
The impulse of destruction
seems the only answer
to what he cannot control
what will not behave

And in a medical model so dominated
by fearful beliefs
there is a sanctioned violence here
that mimics the brutalization
found in the sexualized maiming of women
throughout the history of masculine rule
The constructs of medical science
are rooted in an attempt to control fear
all intuition
all passion
all that holds archetypal feminine energy
for this is seen as the source
of danger
and ultimately loss of life
In this way breasts are especially treacherous
as are women’s reproductive organs
and women’s sexual power, pleasure and strength

Yet by following this path
we are taken ever further from the truth of healing
into an even greater fear and egotistic need
to be the saviour
of the miserable and suffering
who cannot help themselves
To continue to hold the power
over those who willingly submit
to treatments that poison and maim
out of ignorance and passivity
Indeed very dark forces now dominate
much of what has been called “modern medicine”
these energies consciously seek to increase suffering
and feed upon the resulting fear

And yet of course
the final answer
the only answer
must lie within the Self
within the life essence
of each being as they come forth into form
And while we may offer counsel and teachings
and loving support to assist in the creation
of a mutual field of healing
there is no one who can alter
an individual’s soul choice
of whether and how
they will live or die
Each may awaken
or each may sleep
and with every waking
more light is brought forth
beckoning a resonant truth in the collective
to dare
to be courageous
to simply open our eyes

In this way
we also choose our own fear
and our own beliefs about what will save us
from what we think we lack
And so a woman who removes her breasts
has made a choice
about where she places her faith
and this very belief
may indeed create
the fulfillment of her wish
But is this act
a solution to the plague of toxic energy
faced by all women
all men in their own way?

It is rather another distraction
and only a reflection of one woman’s choice
to excise her own wound
her own debt of unconditional love
by listening to the counsel
of those who have less understanding than she
of the actual state of her body/mind

Her action is an aspect
of her suffering
and need not be a model
for other women in kind
Let us instead
turn our attention
to the increasing power
given every day
through rising planetary vibrations
a force that continues to push these toxins
up and out into our awareness
to be honoured
and released into the natural cleansing
our Mother gives us
through her unending maternal love
Let us also witness
how this cleanse makes way
for a greater creative power
than we have ever seen before
as we align with her
and give birth with her
to all of our desires and dreams

The breast of the Mother awaits us
her milk is richer than ever before
We have been born into a time
where Love can heal anything
and it is up to us
to find this kind of courage
in the face of our suffering
and illusions of lack

Love is the only answer
in all its forms

with love, Adi


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