Healing Sexual Shame 2 – New Video

When fear festers at a deep level over lifetimes of sanctioned cultural and religious repression, it shows up as the lowest of all vibrations, toxic shame. If you think this is not an issue for you, think again. Shame is so uncomfortable to feel, most of us have become very good at pushing it under, often going to extremes to hide it. Some of the most “free spirited” souls are actually harbouring crippling shame, and they are doing all they can to counter it with distracting behaviour. Then there are those who have at least witnessed the tip of the iceberg, who hold memories of being hurt, exposed or chastised, or who suffer from anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction or related health issues. The rampant breast, ovarian and prostate cancer in our species is not just an environmental concern. When we liberate our second chakra energy, we liberate our life force, enhancing creativity and a vitality which touches every aspect of our lives.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.30.18 AM

This video is based on a recording of a live transmission by AdiKanda at a Healing Sexual Shame Life Drawing event in Toronto. Hang music by Iven Simonetti. Please contact Adi for info about upcoming events in Toronto.


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